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Woman’s World Book Club Pick

I’m beyond thrilled that HOW THE MURDER CRUMBLES, a Cookie Shop Mystery, was selected for the Woman’s World Magazine’s Book Club. It truly was a surprise. After I returned home from grocery shopping, I received a text message from my cousin who had picked up that week’s issue of Woman’s World and saw that my new release had been chosen for the book club!

Woman's World Magazine

Of course, I picked up a few copies. Because, you know, why not?

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On Tuesday, June 20, 2023 HOW THE MURDER CRUMBLES was released. It’s the first book in the Cookie Shop Mystery series where the delectable aromas of freshly baked cookies mingle with a recipe for intrigue. Mallory Monroe, our fearless cookie baker, is on the brink of scoring the news coverage her bakery desperately craves. However, just as the spotlight begins to shine on her sweet creations, a heated clash with notorious food blogger Beatrice Wright erupts. Accusations of recipe theft threaten to overshadow Mallory’s triumphant moment, casting a dark cloud of doubt over her reputation. But the storm truly hits when Mallory stumbles upon Beatrice’s lifeless body, plunging her into the heart-wrenching center of a murder mystery. Suddenly, Mallory goes from a budding entrepreneur to a prime suspect, her bakery caught in a whirlwind of attention that does little to pad her bank account. As the media circus engulfs Mallory and her beloved bakery, she must navigate a treacherous labyrinth of clues and suspects to uncover the truth before her dreams crumble alongside her reputation. With secrets lurking around every corner and the remnants of a stolen recipe as a tantalizing clue, Mallory’s resilience and wit are put to the ultimate test. Can she prove her innocence and save her bakery from destruction? Join Mallory on a thrilling journey where sugar and suspense blend into an irresistible confection, leaving readers hungry for more.

When I sat down to create a new series and all I had was a vague idea of a main character owning a bakery, a sidekick who told corny baking jokes, and the support of my agent. Five months later, I had fleshed-out characters and a story to tell.

During the process of writing what is now my twelfth book, I had friends, family and readers cheering me on. I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge those closest to me who have cheered me on, used a red pen when necessary, helped brainstorm, and ultimately made this book possible.

My husband, George. Without your support and encouragement, none of my books would have been possible. Debbie Mulach, your daily messages helped keep my focused and allowed me to do what I truly love to do – write. Ellie Ashe, Jenny Kales, and Denise Pysarchuck, you gals brainstormed, edited, and in the end made this book so much better than I could have imagined. Sgt. Michael Confield, my go-to consultant when I have police procedural questions. Thank you for your time and for helping me keep it real in my story. Finally, to my editor and the whole team at Crooked Lane Books. Thank you for believing in Mallory and her story.

And thank you to YOU for choosing to read my book. It means the world to me.