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Cover Reveal – Beauty & The Deceased

The next Resale Boutique Mystery has a cover and it’s so adorable. What do you think?

Here’s a little about the book:

Kelly Quinn’s Long Island consignment shop offers high style at secondhand prices—but when a body is found on the beach, she needs to start hunting for a wolf in sheep’s clothing . . . Kelly is thrilled when she gets a visit from a cousin she hasn’t seen in years. Becky’s cosmetics company is taking off, and she just might have laid the foundation for a big-money buyout. It’s a time to celebrate—but Kelly is heartbroken when a killer puts an end to their happy reunion during a mysterious midnight meeting near the shore.

Despite multiple warnings to steer clear, Kelly starts shadowing a variety of suspects both inside and outside the beauty business—when she isn’t busy filling the racks of the Lucky Cove Resale Boutique with lots of new inventory from a local shopaholic. Gossip and accusations are flying, but there’s no glossing over this ugly crime, and she’s going to make sure the culprit faces justice…

BEAUTY AND THE DECEASED releases on 12/14/21 and is available for pre-order. To get your copy click here and you’ll be taken to the Resale Boutique Mystery.

Resale Boutique Mysteries


Happy Friday! It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be grateful for. One of those things is my newest release! HOW TO FRAME A FASHIONISTA came out on Tuesday.

In this story, Kelly has landed a new consignment customer that has great taste and way too many clothes. She also comes face-to-face with the woman who publicly fired her from her dream job. And when Kelly finds her former boss standing over the body of her new client, she realizes she’s been dragged into another murder investigation. Perhaps it’s for the best because the faster Kelly clears her boss, the faster the Dragonista of Seventh Avenue will

I have a favor to ask, if you’ve read the book already, would you please consider leaving a review of it at your preferred retailer’s website or on Goodreads or BookBub? Not sure how to write a review? Well, I have a post and a PDF that can help right here for you. Thank you!!!!

Today I’m tidying up and watching Christmas movies. What are you up to today?

To get your copy of HOW TO FRAME A FASHIONISTA click here. 🙂


Resale Boutique Mysteries


Happy November!

While I’m happy to be starting a new month, it’s always a little sad to say goodbye to October. It’s the month where all things pumpkin spice bloom. From coffees to muffins to decorations, pumpkin is everywhere. It’s also the month when a quilt of autumnal color stretches for as far as the eye can see. But, October is now October in the rear view mirror and a month of gratitude is here for us to enjoy. It’s also the time of the year Best Of lists begin to pop up. And this is where SILENCED IN SEQUINS, book 2 in the Resale Boutique Mystery series gets a shout-out.

SILENCED IN SEQUINS was named one of the best cozy mysteries for 2020 by The Book Decoder.

I’m honored and thrilled that this book was included with so many other amazing books. When I had to write the short summary for my editor about the book, I knew I wanted it to revolve around the holiday season and I wanted to include a story line about reality television. I’ve been a fan of the Real Housewives franchise for several years and in SILENCED IN SEQUINS I got to create my own housewives reality show – Ladies of Long Island. Creating the characters who appeared on the LIL was a hoot as was writing their rivalries. Big drama, big money and big secrets! And it all starts with a beautiful sequin gown that was consigned by a recently fired housewife. Kelly is juggling all the responsibilities that come from running her consignment boutique while her uncle’s wife is vying for an open slot on LIL.

What are some your favorite books from this year?


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Resale Boutique Mysteries


Today is the day! WHAT NOT TO WEAR TO A GRAVEYARD is now available. It’s a Halloween novella and available only in e-book format at this time. In this installment of the Resale Boutique Mystery series, Kelly Quinn stumbles upon a dognapping turned murder case when she finds a lost dog.

After trading her Manhattan digs for her upstate hometown, fashionista Kelly Quinn has big plans for her grandmother’s consignment shop. But this All Hallow’s Eve someone is already dressed to kill . . .
A socialite’s missing dog has made front page news in Lucky Cove—complete with a hefty reward. But between renovating the consignment shop, planning her costume for a 1970s themed Halloween party, and scouting a location for a fashion shoot, Kelly doesn’t have time to search. Yet a visit to the local colonial-era cemetery—ideal for the moody atmosphere she’s after—soon turns up the precious pooch. Kelly’s looking forward to collecting the check—until she makes a gruesome discovery in an abandoned farmhouse: The dog’s owner, stabbed through the heart.

Kelly can’t help wondering why Constance Lane was traipsing around the farmhouse in stilettos. But as Kelly gets decked out in a vintage disco caftan, that isn’t the only fashion misstatement spooking her. Hidden in the dead woman’s past is a secret that could be the motive for the murder. And as the Halloween party gets started, even a menacing clown and a threatening bearded lady can’t keep Kelly from trick or treating for the truth—even if it means her last dance . . .

Resale Boutique Mysteries, Writing

The Making of Kelly Quinn

The countdown has begun to the release of SILENCED IN SEQUINS, book two in the Resale Boutique Mystery series featuring fashionista-turned-amateur sleuth Kelly Quinn. She’s a hoot to write and I’m so grateful that somehow, someway the nugget of her character graced me one day allowing me to create (in my opinion) a fun, multi-dimensional, strong female character.


One question I get a lot is how stories and characters come to me. Sometimes a story idea hits me as a character goes looking for a missing dog and then finds the dog’s owner dead –murdered. Sometimes a character idea hits me like I want to write about a food blogger. Whatever the first spark of an idea, I think about all the what if’s and build a plot and populating the story with characters.

My plan was to submit the short story to an anthology.

For the Resale Boutique Mystery series, Kelly came to me several years ago when I wrote a short-story on a snowy weekend. Back then Kelly had a different name and was tracking down a missing dog only to discover the dog’s owner dead – murdered. Five-thousand words later I typed THE END and sent it off to my critique partner. My plan was to submit the short story to an anthology. After polishing the manuscript, I emailed it off and waited. And I waited some more. Then the email came and I kind of wished I was still waiting. It was a very polite rejection.

Yes, the rejection was disappointing, but I was busy with work and writing a romantic suspense novel so I dusted myself off and moved on. The short story remained in a file on my computer and in the summer of 2017 I pulled out the short story and revamped it for a proposal to send to my editor at Kensington for a new cozy series.

Kelly got her new name and a new career and then the devastating news her beloved grandmother had died. She then found out she inherited the tired, old consignment shop she spent so much time in as a child before leaving Lucky Cove to attend fashion school in New York City. I continued plotting the story and filling Lucky Cove with its residents.

First up is Pepper Donovan. She’s been the only employee at the Lucky Cove Consignment shop for over twenty years. She worked side-by-side with Kelly’s grandmother and they became the closest of friends. Pepper is having a hard time understanding why Kelly wants to change things in the store.

There’s Kelly’s uncle, Ralph Blake. He was named the executor of the estate by his mother. Ralph expected to inherit the shop, which sits on prime real estate in Lucky Cove and would sell for a very nice sum. Lucky Cove is a quaint Long Island town that’s not as flashy as the Hamptons but still draws very wealthy and successful Manhattanites during the summer months.

We also meet Ralph’s most-recent wife, Summer. She’s a model-turned-Pilates studio owner and can’t understand why her adopted hometown needs a thrift store.

Writing Kelly was a fun departure from writing Hope Early.

Luckily Kelly has her best friend, Liv Moretti, to lean on when things get out-of-control when Kelly is dragged into a murder investigation which begins with a psychic claiming one garment in the shop was worn during a murder. Word spreads quickly in Lucky Cove and business, which wasn’t good to begin with, plunges.

Writing Kelly was a fun departure from writing Hope Early, the protagonist in my Food Blogger Mystery series. She’s in her mid-twenties, whereas Hope is in her thirties. She doesn’t have the comforting support of her family like Hope has and returning to her hometown was the last thing she ever thought she would do whereas Hope always knew she’d be back in the place where she started. What they share is having their careers derailed, humiliating firings and a deep-seated need to seek justice for those who can’t. Oh, and one more thing, they each have a very cute guy that they heart. 🙂

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today. While you wait for SILENCED IN SEQUINS to be released, MURDER WEARS A LITTLE BLACK DRESS is available and would be a fun cozy read this month if you haven’t read it yet. 🙂