New Book Releases, Resale Boutique Mysteries


It’s release day for the newest Resale Boutique Mystery novel. BEAUTY AND THE DECEASED and it’s also my tenth published book!

In this book, Kelly Quinn gets drawn into a murder investigation that’s personal. A long-awaited reunion with her cousin turns deadly when Kelly finds Becky’s body on the beach. Kelly soon discovers the dark, ugly side of the beauty industry as she investigates her cousin’s murder. Kelly also has to deal with a family secret that is about to explode, threatening her newly rebuilt relationships, an attraction to a very handsome police detective and a gigantic dog that doesn’t understand personal boundaries.

I have a favor to ask, after you read the book, please consider leaving a review of it at your preferred retailer’s website or on Goodreads or BookBub? Not sure how to write a review? Well, I have a post and a PDF that can help right here for you. Thank you!!!!

To get your copy of BEAUTY AND THE DECEASED click here.