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Friday Reads – My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding

It’s August already! It’s hard to believe that the season of beach reads is winding down. With that in mind I made sure that Wendy Wax’s My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding was up next to read. Before I discuss any more about the book, let’s first take a moment to admire. It’s beautiful!

A majority of the book takes place in the Outer Banks, North Carolina and it’s about two best friends who had a falling out but are still connected by one of their mother’s. Lauren set out for New York City to make it big as an author and her best friend was supposed to go with her but Bree changed her mind and remained in NC to marry Lauren’s ex-boyfriend. Over the years, Bree took over the local bookstore while Lauren launched her publishing career with an idea they both had come up with. Yeah, that’s a problem. Lauren’s mother, Kendra, has been the perfect mother showing both women that even given the most difficult circumstances a woman can survive and be successful. Too bad she has a secret that will rip her daughter’s heart to shreds and maybe show she wasn’t as brave as everyone thought. The three of them must find the strength to forgive and welcome each other back into their lives. I loved how the relationship between Lauren and Bree mended. There were scenes that I could totally relate to where the two women slipped into their old banter, their old rhythm of conversation, their suppressed feelings for each other and then quickly regrouped because after twenty years, their disappointment and anger of each other had festered so they couldn’t have that feeling of friendship, of love. Those scenes felt very authentic to me. I really enjoyed the book and I’m looking forward to Wendy’s next release.

What are you reading? Are you getting ready for your fall reading? No, I’m not pushing the season (though I wouldn’t mind a little less humidity) but we do have to plan. There are only so many hours of reading time. 🙂


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