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Pilates Challenge

Writing is a solitary career and it’s also one that is done by sitting hours at a computer. This makes it imperative for a writer to get up and move on a regular basis. In other words, exercise. Full disclosure, I love, love, love to exercise but I’m human and I can slide into bad habits very easily. In the past couple of months there was a significant change to my daily routine and I adapted only to be hit with another unexpected routine shake-up, but this time it’s only for a couple of weeks and I’m half-way through it. During both routine shake-ups I adjusted my workouts and tried to find what new schedule worked best for me. So far, so good. But I know I can do better and that’s where this challenge comes in.

While on Facebook this morning I saw an ad from Pilates Anytime for their Spring to Life challenge. It’s a free challenge and it consists of 10 workouts, most of them are 30 minutes in length, one is 40 minutes. I’ve been wanting to try Pilates Anytime for awhile and it’s free so I signed up and I just finished the first workout. It was amazing!

I’ve done Pilates on and off over the years and I did attend mat classes about two years ago and I even took a few reformer classes. I loved every class and workout I did at home because afterwards I felt so much better and yes, I felt taller. 🙂 Pilates is a gentle workout that challenges you where you are in your fitness and pushes you to become stronger.

With my workout complete it’s time to hit the shower and begin my day. I don’t know how long the challenge will be offered but if you’d like to check it out click here and you’ll be directed to their page.

Have a great day!

Fit Writer, Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

This week has been all about getting back on the fitness wagon. I got hit with a cold or something that knocked me down for a few days and then took several days to fully recover. Of course during those days I didn’t workout. Ugh. I felt like such a slug. But now, I’m back in my sneakers.


Coming back after several days of not working out I have to tamp down the urge to hit it hard since I’m dying to workout. Yes, I’m one of those who enjoys exercising. It’s hard to go days without working out for me, just like it’s hard to go days without writing. Exercising clears my mind, which is very good for a writer. I’m always surprised when I talk to another writer and they tell me that they don’t exercise. Ever! I can’t imagine that. But, to each their own. Right?

This week is all about easing back into my workouts so I’ll be taking it easy with the weights and intensity on the treadmill. I’ll also be getting back on track with my eating. Poor choices are made when you barely have to energy to get out of bed so I need to re-group on my meal planning this week. 🙂 What’s your fitness plans for this week? Trying a new workout? I am actually. I’m adding a short session on our rowing machine after each treadmill workout. I’m really excited about that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t be shy. Say “hi” in the comment section if you have the time. And if you feel like it, tell me what your favorite workout is. Or, what your least favorite workout is.