Friday Reads

Happy Friday. I’ll dispense with the weather report because nothing has changed since Wednesday or the middle of July for that matter. But I’m hopeful there will be  drop in humidity over the weekend. Gotta have hope, right?

This weekend I’m going to be doing a massive clean-out and paper shredding along with a bunch of other things. Yes, my to-do list is very ambitious but I do intend to get some reading time in.

Crime reporter Nichelle Clarke is covering the deaths of two young police officers near Richmond, Virginia. On the surface, it looks like a tragic accident. But as she digs deeper into the investigation, Nichelle realizes that all is not as it seems.

Evidence goes missing.

A prosecutor vanishes.

Someone is trying to cover their tracks.

Nichelle is struggling to put the pieces together, until a seductive Mafia boss shows up with the headline tip of a lifetime. But each step closer to the truth becomes exponentially more dangerous. And her investigation soon transforms into a murderous game of cat and mouse.

This is the first book in the Nichelle Clarke series by Lyndee Walker and I’m hooked. Nichelle is a likable, engaging character who has ambitions of working for a large newspaper and the investigation she finds herself entangled with may just be the ticket to her dream job. She has an adorable little dog named Darcy and a passion for over-priced shoes. Seriously, what’s not to love about a heroine like this?

So, there you have it, my weekend plans.  What are you plans for the weekend? What book are you currently reading?


  1. We are getting some much needed rain today in the southwest corner of Columbus, Ohio where I live. I am looking forward to spending my afternoon with Susanna Kearsley’s BELLEWETHER. This week I also finished Barbara O’Neal’s THE ART OF INHERITING SECRETS. It was very good especially when she focused on the food. I plan on resting this weekend after a busy visit with my grandsons. I enjoy your Friday reads posts very much.

    1. Hi Sharon, We’re expecting storms this afternoon. While your rain was needed, we’re way over our rain amounts for the summer already. But that means I’ve had little plant watering to do. 🙂 Barbara O’Neal’s book is on my to-buy list. She’s a very nice person, I got to meet her a couple of years ago at a conference. Thank you for letting me know you like these posts, I’m so happy you do. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

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