Friday Reads

Happy Friday! The weekend is just a few hours away and I’ll be easing into the weekend reading the final chapters of Pawprints & Predicaments. Yes, I’m reading a book set in the deep cold of winter out on my lounge chair in near ninety degree weather. And, let me tell you, I’m loving every moment of it. From it’s frigid lake dive to the snow covered ski trail to the adorably huge St. Bernard. I’m all in and looking for my mug of hot cocoa.

This this the third installment in the Lucky Paws Petsitting mystery series and made even more fun by the addition of big, sweet Bernie. He’s the St. Bernard who is a mystery into himself.

I adore cozies with animals in them and of course in my series I have to add pets. Life is far too quiet and boring without a pet or two. Don’t you think?

What’s your Friday Read? Do you like pets featured in the books you read? Are you a seasonal reader? Only summer themed books in the summer, Christmas in July (it’s a nice way to feel cool and want to bake cookies), or doesn’t it matter?

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