Friday Faves – Autumn Edition

Happy Friday!

It’s a pumpkin spice kind of day. The temps are a little cooler than they were last week (yay!) and the squirrels are very busy outside, I hear them scurrying through the fallen leaves. I’m ready to pull on my boots, slip into a cardigan and cozy up with a cup of soup.

Truth be told, I’ve been ready for a few weeks. I started adding my fall decorations around the house the last week in August. Maybe for some it was too soon but not for me. They make me happy and as I was preparing to give the second book in my Food Blogger Mystery series a final read through I wanted to be happy. 🙂 The read through can be difficult because writers can tweak their manuscripts forever. So we look for things that make us happy and comfortable. For me, seeing a pumpkin decoration was a good thing.

Today I sent my manuscript to my agent. It’s a nerve-wracking day – sending your beloved manuscript out to the world. What I wouldn’t give for just another day to tweak. Oh, well, I don’t have another day. So I’m going to focus on something else. Like some Faves to share with you. Ready for some autumn inspiration?

Shelly from Calypso In The Country shares A Festive Fall Vignette on the Console Table with us. It’s lovely and has me wishing wehad a console table.

Angie from Angie The Freckled Rose shares a round-up of 15 Fantastic Fall Garden to Table Recipes. There are some great recipes to try and I’m particularly interested in the Whipped Cinnamon Pumpkin Butter recipe.

How about home tour? Ann from Sutton Place shares her home as a part of the Farmhouse Fall Home Tour. I love how just a few touches of the season warm up a room and create a welcoming space.

If you’re looking to get your craft on then you’ll want to check out the Easy DIY Fall Faux Floral from Jenny Marie Louise. Jenny shows us how to pull together the decoration in less than a half hour.

Some more decorating inspiration from Carol at The Red Painted Cottage. She a few tidbits from the fall home tour in A Few Sticky Pears and Other Details. I love the creamy white kitchen. And those pears! I want them.

I hope you enjoyed my Faves for this week. It’s nice to be able to take a quick break and visit some fun posts where you can pick up an idea or two.

Have a great day!


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