Black Friday and the Writer

Happy Black Friday! What are your plans for the day? Shopping, shopping and some more shopping with a side of Thanksgiving day leftovers? I’m guessing a lot of Americans are spending today exactly that way. Me? I won’t be venturing out to the malls. I’m staying closer to home and to my laptop and the leftovers. This is because I have a word count goal for every day of this great four day weekend.

Welcome to a writer’s Black Friday.

First things first. Breakfast and coffee. Two cups of coffee to start my day along with a couple of scrambled eggs and toast while I watch the morning news. There was an interesting story on this morning about a recovered missing woman. Hmmm…Writers are always working. 🙂


Next up after getting myself ready for the day is grocery shopping. Exciting, right? But writers need to eat and their families need to eat. It’s also a great place to people watch. Writers do that all the time. Once I’m back home I’ll unpack the groceries and do some cleaning. I tell you, I’m living the dream. All kidding aside, I love to cook and bake so I’m happy to spend an hour at the store.  I think this weekend I’ll bake some pound cakes and make a pan of manicotti along with a big pot of beef stew.


A big chunk of my day will be spent at my laptop working on my current manuscript, which is book two is my mystery series. I’m finding writing a series a little challenging with my recurring characters. It’s taking me longer than I expected to get back into their heads. But the fun part has been the new scenes that have popped up that weren’t in my outline. There’s one scene with a hoarder that the guys on American Pickers would love, that was a blast to write. That’s the magical part of writing, when you’re surprised as the writer.

DVD,Organizer,SquashSoup 017

When my writing session is finished and I’ve reached my word count I’ll out head to a great spot in town for a walk with Susie. There is a trail along with other paths that wind around the old medical facility. Billy will stay home because I’m planning on a long walk for Susie (she can go for miles) and it’s too much for the little guy since his vision is so poor. He’ll go out for a walk around our street later.



At the end of the day we’ll dive into those leftovers, my favorite is the stuffing, and curl up to watch a holiday movie on the Hallmark channel. I hope you have a great Friday and if you’ve ventured out to shop please share your best score. If you decided to hang around the house instead, what did you do? Did you start your Christmas decorating? Or, did you indulge in a Christmas movie marathon?

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