Yarn Along

I’m so excited to be participating in my first Yarn Along. I’m looking forward to seeing what the other gals are knitting and reading. For my first Yarn Along post I’m sharing a new project and my current read.

For my project it’s take two. I began this baby blanket (it’s going to be a gift) last week and after a rocky start (it was labeled a beginner pattern, in truth it really should have been labeled intermediate/beginner knitter and luckily I have a friend who is a very experienced knitter to help me) it started to look like a blanket!!! I was loving every stitch…until…I realized there was a dropped stitch after finding a funky end stitch on a row, both of realizations came after the fact. Not being experienced enough to salvage the drop stitch and I had no idea how to deal with that funky, loopy stitch, I decided to pull out all of the stitches until  got to the dropped stitch. My thought was I would pick up that drop stitch and go forth. Knit on!


The blanket just fell apart, the stitches were coming undone and …it was a real mess.

I made the decision to pull out all of the stitches and start from the beginning.

That’s when it became a disaster.

Two yarns being pulled out led to a heap of knotted, tangled yarn. Yeah, that was fun.

Eventually I untangle, unknotted both yarns and I started all over again.

It’s finally starting to look like a blanket.



Now onto my current read.  This is the third book I’ve read in the series so far and I’m really enjoying the series. Jenn McKinlay has written a smart, cozy series with characters that engaging and the plots are well-crafted.


One more photo. While I was taking photos of the blanket and the book Susie joined me and saw the camera. So, she wasn’t going to be left out of the action. She posed and waited patiently for her close-up. Guess she wanted to show off her pigtails. She and Billy had just returned from the grooming appointment.


This has been fun sharing my project and current read. I’m looking forward to checking out the other Yarn Along posts. Have a great Wednesday!



  1. Oh, congrats on your first Yarn Along post! It is such a fun craft “party”, isn’t it? I love the neutral colors you chose for your baby blanket and how adorable your Susie is!! What a face 🙂

    1. Hi Alina,

      It is a fun “party”. I love seeing what everybody is working on and as a new knitter it’s very motivating. Susie thanks you for the compliment. The little diva loves her photo taken. LOL

  2. Sometimes you just have to rip out and start again. I had a knitting student last night that had to knit 3 inches of sweater back to the beginning. It looks so much better though. Your blanket looks real good so far. Susie is adorable. I love the pigtails!

    1. Fingers-crossed I won’t have to do that again. Susie thanks you for the compliment. Those pigtails kill me. I’m glad you stopped by.

    1. Thanks, Caroline. Seeing that it’s starting to look like a blanket is very motivating. It’s my first attempt at a blanket. Thanks for stopping by.

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