Shih-Tzu Saturday #8

Happy Saturday! How hot is it where you are? My critique partner, Ellie Ashe, who lives in northern California is baking as I write this. Over 100 degrees. Ugh. Here in Connecticut the temps are climbing today to the mid-80s with low humidity. So it’s tolerable. I’m really not a summer gal. I prefer cooler weather (without the snow preferably). But today’s post isn’t about the weather, it’s about a Shih-Tzu named Billy, aka Cone Dog.


Billy experienced something we humans dread. You go to the doctor for one thing and you end up leaving worse than you did when you arrived for the appointment. Last Sunday I took him for his annual exam. Simple, right? No so much. He had a skin irritation, something to do with allergies. Then the big whopper and the reason why he’s been wearing a cone since the appointment. He has an ulcer in his eye. We left the appointment with five medications for both conditions and then I picked up the cone for him. Aside from his medications (three times a day), the most important thing I had to do was protect his right eye so that the ulcer does not worsen. On his re-check mid-week the ulcer was healing nicely and tomorrow he has another appointment scheduled. If all goes well, he’ll be out of the cone tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

The little guy has been a good sport considering the wearing of the cone and the three medications I’m putting in his eyes three times a day. I know that’s not pleasant. But he’s still wagging his tail. I’ll have to keep this week in mind the next time I come across a difficult situation. I’ll just remind myself to keep wagging my tail. 🙂

Have a great Saturday!



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