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You’re on the right page. About a year ago I would’ve said meet-up with me on Facebook but Facebook doesn’t always show all of my posts about upcoming books, sales, new releases, cover reveals, you know the things you’re interested in. So please consider some of the other options since you’d like to stay updated with all my news.

The best way to stay current with all my news is by subscribing to my newsletter. (There’s a tab above to subscribe to my newsletter & you’ll get my all-time favorite brownie recipe.)

As a subscriber you’ll get all the news first before anyone else! And from time-to-time I have subscriber only offers. How my newsletter works is that I send it out monthly and when there’s a special announcement between those newsletters, I send out special brief newsletters. I know how clogged up our inboxes get so I promise not to go overboard on the newsletters. Monthly with special issues when necessary is what you’ll get. You can always unsubscribe at any time and I never share your email address. You’re all mine. (In a good way, not a stalker kind of way. I promise.) 🙂

Not into newsletters? Just want brief notices about my new releases? That’s cool. I get it. And here’s where you can get those notices.

Bookbub – Follow me over there and you’ll get notices from them when I have new release.

Goodreads – They send monthly notices and highlights about the authors you follow.

Amazon – Follow me over there and you’ll receive notices about my releases.

Facebook – I have an author page where I share snippets of my writing life, photos of my two spoiled Shih-Tzus and lots of other stuff. While Facebook doesn’t share every post, I still think it’s a nice place to hang out.

Instagram – I admit, I don’t have an Instagram-perfect life but I do share photos of the things going on with me and my pups (the hubby is camera shy) and our adventures.

Twitter – Not really my thing, but I’m there and I sometimes tweet. Any option above is better than Twitter if you want to stay in contact with me. But it’s always nice to have followers. 🙂

So join, follow and read.  I think that should be on a t-shirt, right? Thanks so much for your interest in my books and while I’d love to connect with you through any of the above platforms, always know you can email me at