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The Breakfast Club

There’s about 12 turkeys that stop by for breakfast daily. The other morning I snapped some photos of them after I filled up the bird feeders.

SuperBowl2016 061

SuperBowl2016 063

SuperBowl2016 065


An unexpected visitor

Over the summer we had a visitor at work. This bear was making his way through several towns and decided to stop by our office.


Note To Self, Wildlife

The Accidental Turkey Sanctuary

It all started with one turkey and her baby two years ago and this spring we had two turkey families with a total of 19 turkeys. The babies grew up and as kids do, they got into a whole mess of things. Case in point – they made themselves comfortable in my potted herbs and the bird bath (not exactly what we had in mind when we purchased the bird bath – we envisioned smaller birds taking a dip or a drink). Note to self – no potted herbs on the patio wall next spring.