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A Stitch At A Time

This past weekend I picked up a project that I haven’t worked in in a while. Actually, it feels like ages since I stitched. After just a few stitches I realized how much I missed my counted cross stitch work.

I absolutely adore counted cross stitch and have several completed samplers, none of which I’ve framed yet. One day. Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy the simple act of stitching. Sometimes a writer’s mind can race with snippets of dialogue and bright ideas for plot twists. Lately that’s been happening a lot to me. I think it’s because I’m spending more of my day writing and I don’t have my regular trigger to shut down the writer brain. Stitching turns down the volume inside my head.

I usually don’t work in large chunks of time on my stitching. I usually pick it up on a Sunday morning and work for about 30 minutes before I start my day and it’s a lovely way to start a day. I admit I’ve fallen off the stitching bandwagon over the past few months but I’m back on now. I reached for this project last week and I immediately realized how much I missed stitching. I’m going to continue with my early morning weekend stitching and I’ll share updates with you on this project.