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10 Coziest Things About Fall

Show of hands. Who else is excited that it’s officially fall? I have two hands waving in the air (like I don’t care 🙂 ). This is my favorite season. Love, love, love it. Probably what I love most is the coziest of the season.

10 Faves of Autumn


1. Warm, snuggly scarves. The first chill of the season sends me reaching for a scarf. I love them!

2. Hot apple cider. Fill up that mug and sink down into a deep chair by a fire. Perfection.

3. Finding the perfect pumpkin. Or pumpkins. I’m really into the white pumpkins now but the traditional orange pumpkins are a must.

4. Hiking. Great exercise and leaf peeping. Plus having a picnic lunch and watching the squirrels forage for nuts is an added bonus.

5. Baking. Pies, breads, muffins. Oh, My.

6. Homemade soup. There’s nothing as comforting as a bowl of homemade soup made in my favorite Le Creuset pot.

7. Everything pumpkin spice. But I don’t indulge until October. September is way too early for pumpkin spice.

8. Wrapping up in a throw. Can it get any more cozier?

9. Candles. Adding the warm glow of candle flickering and the fragrance of fall filling the house is what this season is all about.

10. A good book. Longer nights are perfect for reading a good book. I love something spooky and quirky in October.

There are more things I love about fall but I’ll stop here, after all we have weeks and weeks left of the season. While we wait for me to post some of my other faves, I’d like to know what you love about the season. Go on, post one of your favorite things about fall. 🙂

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Black Friday Survival Guide

We’re a week away from Black Friday, which seems to be as much as a holiday as Thanksgiving. Along with conversations about the menu-planning for Thanksgiving with my friends the topic of participating in Black Friday came up. Do you do Black Friday? I don’t. Did it once and that was enough. But a lot of people do so I thought I’d take this opportunity to focus on the outfit for Black Friday (hey, it’s almost a holiday so it does need a special outfit, right?). Over the years I’ve often joked that shopping was a sport, one that I am certain I would win a Gold medal at multiple times. But Black Friday,is a sport unto itself. Full-on-contact. It requires endurance, strength, agility and flexibility.  As with all sports, you need a uniform, you need fuel and you need a game plan.

Uniform: Two words – layers and comfort.

And don’t forget personal safety. Crossbody bags are ideal for keeping your wallet and phone close to you and for freeing up two hands for mega-shopping.

Black Friday Outfit

Fuel: Stopping at the food court will just slow you down. But not eating for hours will leave you hangry and could compromise your purchasing ability. Consider packing a couple of granola bars so you can eat on the go and remember to stay hydrated during your shopping excursion.

Plan: Have your list written and identify which stores you’ll be shopping in. You’ll be tempted to browse stores that do not have what you need and that will take up valuable shopping time and could cut into your budget. Having a plan will also keep you financially on track. Retailer’s goals are to get you to spend as much money as possible, your goal is to have a wonderful Christmas and your goals is far more important. So, have your plan prepared and stay focused so you can enjoy the rest of Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season.

There you have it, a few tips to help survive Black Friday if you happen to participate. Do you have any tips for Black Friday? If so, please share.

Happy Shopping!