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Happy Release Day! A Spirit Seeks Asylum

Happy Release Day to my friend Lena Gregory! The sixth book in her Bay Island Psychic Mystery series released today.

Cass Donovan is confronted by ghoulish crimes both old and new when a defunct asylum is the site of a fresh murder and a long-hidden injustice . . .

The old abandoned buildings of the Twin Forks Lunatic Asylum have always fascinated and frightened clairvoyant Cass Donovan, but she never dreamed her psychic abilities would be put to the test there. Then the new owner of the site tells her he plans to renovate it and turn it into a boarding school, and he’ll pay Cass handsomely to determine whether the place is haunted! Cass accepts his offer, but her search for hints of old ghosts soon has her looking for clues among the living when the man who hired her turns up dead.

Returning to the shuttered asylum looking for evidence of who may have wanted her client out of the way, Cass stumbles upon signs of yet another murder, even as she’s besieged by an onslaught of haunting voices from the past. When it comes to light that rival real estate developers have been hatching plans of their own for the property, Cass sees no shortage of motives for the murders, but she’ll have to find a way to quiet the disturbing voices from long ago and focus on the here and now, because whoever’s behind the killings has targeted Cass as their next victim . . .

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THE CORPSE WHO KNEW TOO MUCH Is Now Available & Blog Tour Info

On Tuesday, September 29th THE CORPSE WHO KNEW TOO MUCH was released. It’s the fourth book in the Food Blogger Mystery series and Hope is pulled into a cold case thanks to the return of a friend from high school who has produces a true crime podcast. Devon Markham is determined to use her platform to find out what happened to her mother twenty years ago. Joyce Markham was last seen at her home after sending her husband and children off in the morning. She missed a brunch date with an old friend, which was unlike her. It seemed as if Joyce had simply vanished. Now, Devon wants answers and when she disappears like her mother, Hope has no choice but to get involved and help find the truth of what happened to both women.

I’m going to be celebrating the release all month long with a blog tour and I hope you’ll find some time in your day to visit some of the blogs I’ll be featured on. We’re also doing a gift card giveaway, so be sure to check that out. For all the info on the tour please visit the Silver Daggers  website for dates and blogs. Below you’ll find the blogs I’ll be at for this week.