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Kitchen Snapshots

Happy Friday! I’ve had an uber-productive week. The outline for book 3 of the Food Blogger mystery series was finished and set aside until next week to polish it up (right now it’s a heaping 26 pages of messiness but it tells the story), I began the outline for book 2 of the Resale Boutique mystery series (I now know who the killer is and who the suspects are, so it’s a start) and I’ve wrapped up a few promotion tasks for the release of The Uninvited Corpse. I also debuted as a monthly contributor to the awesome group blog, Writers Who Kill. Didn’t see the post? Click here and you’ll be taken right to it. I wrote about my journey from food blogger to author and later in the month I’ll expand on that post here with some more details (no word count limit here).

Since I got all caught up on my work, I decided to spend some time in the kitchen working on a cookie recipe for The Hidden Corpse (out April 2019).Here’s a pic of the finished product (sorry, no details, I know, not fair but I have to save a few things for the release). My house did smell heavenly from the lemony fragrance of these adorable and utterly delicious cookies. Turns out they’re like potato chips – you just can’t have one and that’s why I packed up containers quickly and delivered them to my neighbors.

Earlier in the week I made a big pot of Butternut Squash soup and I have been enjoying it since for lunch or dinner, I even froze a couple of containers. Since I’m the only one here to loves this soup, I cut the recipe in half and if you’d like to try the soup you’ll find the recipe here.

Today I’m diving into the chapters of Murder Wears a Little Black Dress that I just got back from my critique partner. In just a few weeks I’ll be turning the manuscript into my editor. It’s kinda sad, I love this book and I’m going to miss working on it. Oh, well, there’s always the next adventure for Kelly, right?

Have a great Friday!


Kitchen Snapshots, Life

Kitchen Snapshots

Today I’m sharing a peek into my kitchen of the goings on this past week. The temps here in Connecticut hit the mid-90s for three days. A heat wave. I’m so not ready for summer. Actually, I’m never ready for summer. I’m much more of a cool-weather type of gal. Give my sweaters and boots any day over flip-flops and humidity. Since today is simply beautiful I’m not going to dwell on the two icky days. Instead, I’m going to focus on the kitchen successes I had this week. Come on, take a look.

This week I worked on a recipe for soft & chewy chocolate chip cookies that will appear in the Uninvited Corpse. I do love this perk of writing.

A pile of shredded sharp cheddar cheese left over from making mac’n cheese.

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck? This is a new purchase and I’m now wondering where this bad boy has been all my life. This power spinner is life changing. Seriously. I’ve only used it a few times but now I can’t imagine not having it in my cleaning arsenal. This handy little gadget paid for itself when it kicked butt on my slider door’s track. Oven door? Awesome. And the list goes on and on. I got it from QVC and if you click here you can read more about it. I’m going to be ordering some new cleaning heads. I want a set for outside and for the bathroom.

Rhubard season! There’s a batch of rhubard-ginger muffins waiting to be baked.

What went on in your kitchen this week?

Kitchen Snapshots

Kitchen Snapshots

Happy Monday!

This weekend was awesome here in Connecticut. Perfect early fall weather. Which meant after all of the errands were done and chores completed, I could go into the kitchen and cook. Yes! On Saturday I did the grocery shopping and on Sunday I cooked.

First, though Billy on a follow-up appointment for his eyes early Sunday morning.


Once we were home, Billy took a nap and I began baking. Here are some photos of my relaxing Sunday in the kitchen. Recipes will follow. 🙂


I love when a batter comes together and in no-time, out comes fragrant loaves of bread.


But a girl can’t live on baked goods. Well, maybe she could but it’s probably not the healthiest thing to do.


I hope you had a great weekend. Enjoy the new week!

Kitchen Snapshots

Kitchen Snapshots

There was a blizzard this weekend but luckily in my neck of the woods we got only five to six inches. And as with every snow storm I spent some time in the kitchen. Here’s a few photos of how I spent my weekend.

I made some molasses braised onions for steaks. Yum!

Blizzard2016 030

And I baked some blueberry muffins.

Blizzard2016 041

And we had a visitor throughout the whole storm. I love this turkey.

TurkeyCloseupBlizzard2016 003

Got the pups out once we cleared the snow.