Friday Faves #4

Happy Friday!


We all need to take a deep breath when things get to overwhelming and here are 21 examples of drama caused by Starbucks. Reading the list makes me feel very grateful.

For writers rejections are a part of life and we’re reminded why we need to read the rejections we receive and just not trash them.

Maybe it’s because we just got back from our niece’s wedding that I have weddings on my mind and these 15 rustic wedding cakes are making me very hungry.

Go ahead and toss the scale because you now have 12 non-scale ways to measure your victories.

I can’t possibly end this Friday Faves without something a little bunnylicious. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Check out this bunny cake perfect for Easter.

Have a great Friday!


Friday Faves #3

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of the week. WooHoo!!! The beginning of this week we had arctic temps followed by a snow/ice event that led temps soaring up to the 50s! Talk about a roller coaster of weather. I’m looking forward to a nice, quiet and warm weekend. How about you? Here’s a few websites you may want to visit over the weekend. Ready?

FridayFavesImage2I guess you can tell by my posts that I enjoy reading and I like to read a variety of genres. Mystery, suspense, romance, paranormal. There’s a brand new romantic suspense series with a touch of noir and a whole lot of heat (and I mean a WHOLE LOT OF HEAT) that I’m loving. The series is co-authored by two talented writers, Eve Kincaid and Lily Danes. Now I think I should mention here that Eve is my critique partner and I’ve had the pleasure of reading her new release as she was writing it. Honestly, she couldn’t write it fast enough for me. I loved it. You can get a taste of Kiss of a Stranger over at her website. She’s put up the first chapter for you to read. Enjoy!

During the week I came across a post about emails and among authors there is an on-going debate of how often emails should be sent to subscribers. That debate is usually followed by a lengthy discussion of how to get subscribers. 🙂 Dagmara, over at Glamista Home, shares some very good reasons why we should consider sending emails to our subscribers on a regular basis. When I get ready to send emails I do intend to send them on a regular basis to build a relationship. I enjoy receiving emails from the authors I enjoy reading and hopefully my subscribers will feel the same way.

Now lets talk about food. I stumbled upon and I’m hooked. Using a spiralizer looks like so much fun. And lucky for me, Kitchen Aid makes a spiralizer attachment for my stand mixer. I gotta get one. If you’re looking for a fun and healthy way to cook and eat check out Ali’s website.

What are you up to this weekend? Staying in with a good book? Or, doing a little cooking? Or, are you heading out?


Six-Sentence Sunday #6

Happy Sunday! It’s pretty darn cold here, I think we’ll top up at a high of 10 degrees today. Ooh, I just a chill writing that. But tomorrow the temps swing back up. Way back up to upper 40s. Regardless of the temps, my focus on this long weekend is reading through the proof copy of my manuscript. I’ve passed the halfway mark. Yay! Lets get on with today’s excerpt. In hopes of warmer days to come, today’s six sentences take place during a garden tour when an unexpected guest shows up. Enjoy!




“Ouch.” Hope glared at her sister, the assailant.

“Sssh,” Maretta hissed.

Hope rubbed her side. “You have bony elbows,” she said to Claire.

Claire nodded for her sister to turn around. Hope did and couldn’t believe her eyes. Janine McCoy. What the heck was she doing at the tour? Shocked, Hope could only stare.

Friday Faves #2

Happy Friday! We had some more wintry weather here this week and by wintry I mean snow. And the forecast for this weekend is beyond frigid temperatures. We’re talking zero degrees. That’s right, a big, fat zero. I’m going to be looking for some serious warmth. My big plan for the weekend is to continue to read through my manuscript for more typos. 🙂 And in between chapters I’m sure I’ll spend some time checking out a few blogs. Since I’ll be desperately trying to keep warm, I’m guessing that you’re probably somewhere in the country that is all taking the polar plunge. But if you’re like my critique partner who lives in sunny and warm California…well, I shouldn’t continue that thought. 🙂 However, if you are living in a part of the country that is enjoying warm weather you’ll probably still enjoy visiting the blogs below too. They are giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling that makes me just want to sink into a deep cushioned chair and spend hours just daydreaming. Ah, the feeling of home.



Lately I’ve been obsessed with re-doing our entry space (we live in a Cape Cod so we don’t have an entry hall) and I’m loving the entry area Erin from Meadow Lake Road created.

For a few moments of total escape from the arctic cold check out the 13 Unique DIY Raised Garden Beds post over at Home Stories A to Z. Erin has curated a great post with fun and creative ideas for vegetable, herb and flower gardening. I’m loving the wine box raised garden project.

Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick has created a guest room that is simply beautiful. But I think she may have a tough time getting her guests to leave. Go on over and take a look for yourself.

What are your plans for the weekend? Venturing out or staying in?

Stay warm!