Friday Faves #7

Happy Friday!


We’ve survived another week. I think a round of high-fives are in order. This week I got back to writing the first draft of the second book in my cozy series. I had to put it aside to do a final proofreading on the first manuscript so that it could be sent out for submission. That’s right, my baby has been tossed out into the big, crazy world of publishing. Since I have no control over what happens now I’m focusing on the second book. What happens happens.

Elaine Will Sparber shares her process of writing over at the Club Henhouse blog. You know, how it all begins and for every writer it’s different. We all have our own process so it’s nice to see how someone else does it.

The end of this week has me battling a cold. Ugh. So one of my faves is homemade chicken soup. Yes!


And since this cold is kicking my butt, this week’s Friday Faves is very short. But before I go let me share with you what I will be doing for the rest of the day. Reading.


Have a great day!


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