When Edits Meet Life

Hello! I’ve been MIA because I’ve been deep in edits. When edits meet life it makes for an interesting adventure. In the past my edits have always been for myself. I’ve written a draft, printed it and revised and tightened. This was done on my schedule, no real deadline. In other words, I could edit at a leisurely pace. No pressure. Ahh, the good old days.

This is my beast of a manuscript.

July2016Edits2 002

So, what was the difference this time? I have an agent and she read my manuscript and had some feedback for me. When the manuscript landed back in my inbox I dove right into the edits. While she didn’t give me a deadline for turning the manuscript back into her (bless her), I knew that there was a clock ticking. Without the edits completed, my submission to editors was on hold. Tick. Tick. Tick. As I worked through the edits I found myself deeper and deeper in the writer’s cave and everything else seemed to fade away. I found myself for nearly 5 weeks living, eating, and breathing those edits. There have been some hot, miserable days recently where my motivation was a big fat zero for most things. But not my edits. You see, the light at the end of this tunnel was the submitting to editors and that light (I admit, sometimes the light was a little dim. LOL) kept me moving forward.

On Sunday afternoon I finished my edits. WooHoo!!!! I was so excited. But, I didn’t get carried away with my celebration because I’m really not done yet. I decided to let my manuscript sit for a week and then I’m going to do one last proofread of it before it goes back to my agent.

Publishing is a long process. And it’s a process that I am enjoying. Heck, the alternative is to give up and never know what could have been. Onward to proofreading!






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