Six-Sentence Sunday #6

Happy Sunday! It’s pretty darn cold here, I think we’ll top up at a high of 10 degrees today. Ooh, I just a chill writing that. But tomorrow the temps swing back up. Way back up to upper 40s. Regardless of the temps, my focus on this long weekend is reading through the proof copy of my manuscript. I’ve passed the halfway mark. Yay! Lets get on with today’s excerpt. In hopes of warmer days to come, today’s six sentences take place during a garden tour when an unexpected guest shows up. Enjoy!




“Ouch.” Hope glared at her sister, the assailant.

“Sssh,” Maretta hissed.

Hope rubbed her side. “You have bony elbows,” she said to Claire.

Claire nodded for her sister to turn around. Hope did and couldn’t believe her eyes. Janine McCoy. What the heck was she doing at the tour? Shocked, Hope could only stare.


    1. Hi, great question. I’m pursuing traditional publishing at this point. I am preparing a submission package for agents. Thanks for stopping by!

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